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    Composition and characteristics of screw machine

    Edit   Read Times  Date2019-05-06

    Screw machine, by feeding system and locking system, which feed part, also known as screw arrangement machine, screw feeder, is a relatively simple to arrange the screws in a row, in order to improve the efficiency of a small-scale automation equipment, widely used in the electronics industry. A machine can be applied to a variety of specifications of screws, the size of the screw has a certain range of adjustment space. They range from M1 to M8, and for special screws, they all have room to operate and are individually designed. 1:1 short screws, with GASKET SCREWS CAN BE UNIVERSAL! EASY TRACK ADJUSTMENT! Screw machine track CAN BE DRAWN OUT FREELY TO ADJUST! Easy to understand, EASY TO OPERATE! Now the screw machine has a very mature technology, so the phenomenon of the screw machine has rarely happened again. If the phenomenon of missing screws, will automatically alarm, so reducing the workers to work to do useless phenomenon. The present screw machine equipment, in the feeding system and vibration drive independent control, can freely set the ideal delay stop time, when the abnormal situation occurs, the screw machine will start the fault alarm function! It's as easy to operate as any other screw machine! When the screw is removed, place the head of the screw in the direction of the head, slide the head down the direction, and pull the screw out face-to-face. Compared to the traditional screw plate, each screw can save 1.4 seconds to find productivity up to 6 times! Easy to operate, even if a novice can immediately learn how to operate the screw, just put the screw into the supply room in batches can be widely used in all kinds of electronic industries, automobiles, television, air conditioning and other industries need screw.
    Dongguan Longerteng motor-specializing in the production of various types of screw machine separator, Deceleration motor-low speed motor-acceleration and deceleration box motor
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